Rock-Solid Electric Car Mount with Wireless Charging for Air Vents

Our sensational Rock Solid in Car Wireless Car Charging Mount is the follow-up to our previous Smart Sensing Car Mount.

Using infra-red induction technology the aviation alloy clamping arms automatically close once your device is detected. We have upgraded the clamping arms to be more secure than ever, even on the bumpiest of roads. A super benefit of automatic closing is that it allows you to rotate the holder into a landscape position whilst still keeping your phone secure. Gravity versions do not allow for this, as your phone would instantly fall out.

To release your device from the holder a conveniently positioned metal touch button is located on the top of the holder. Simple touch it and the clamping arms will open.

This wireless charger uses automatic intelligent device detection and fast charges an iPhone at 7.5W and a Samsung at 10W.

In addition there are 9 safety features built in to protect against over-charge, over current, over power, over volatage, short-circuit, electromagentic field, under-current, foreign bodies and over temperature.

This charger is a vent mountable version – featuring strengthed springs and supportive silicone feet for added security and stability.