BASEUS Little Sun Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder for Dashboard (Adhesive)

  • Introducing one of our premium in-car phone mounts .
  • This supremely slick glass and aluminium alloy phone mount features intelligent gravity sensing control. When your phone is placed into the holder the metal arms will automatically clamp your device.
  • To remove your device, simply touch the metal button on the right hand side and the arms will open automatically.
  • This mount is designed for the dashboard conscious individual who likes to offer a little bit of flare in their choice of in-car accessories.
  • It is fixed to the dash using air-vent clamping – please be aware this is not always suitable for round air-vents although can sometimes be achieved with some modification. We do not recommend it however.
  • A reserved USB cable slot is in place to allow you to charge your device whilst it is sitting in the mount.
  • 360 degree rotation for optimum viewing comfort.