BASEUS Little Octopus 3-in-1 USB to Micro-USB / Lightning / USB-C Adjustable Cable (1.2 m)

Our Little Octopus Range are multi-interface cable solutions designed for use with Micro, Lightning and Type-C devices.

In designing and creating the Little Octopus, we were focused on a solution that was convenient to carry and practical to use. We wanted to create a multi-interface cable that could easily be pocketed and used on the go without having to unravel lots of cables or carry each cable interface with you separately. The round shape and smooth design does not just look beautiful, but it is also really easy to take with you. No awkward edges or uncomfortable protrusions – it is simplicity in its finest form.

The Little Octopus is entirely flexible with five length options available (35cm, 60cm, 80cm, 110cm, 120cm). To extend the cable from its housing all you need to do is pull both ends simultaneously (please note it is important that you do not pull one end at a time as this can damage the internal structure).

Importantly, this version is different to our other Little Octopus cable in that you can charge 3 devices simultaneously with a 3.5A max output.

However, please note: only the lightning connector on this version is able to transmit data.

The high quality tin plated copper core provides stable and fast transmission and a built in smart chip and intelligent shunt ensures your devices are protected from damage from over-current /over-voltage.

The flexible and flat TPE design of the cable itself is designed for long term use, hard-wearing and resistant to pull damage. The connectors are made from high quality sandblasted alloy to prevent rust and corrosion.