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BASEUS Future Gravity Car Mount Holder for Air Vents

  • The Future Gravity car mount received its name due to its ultra-modern, classy appearance. Constructed from glass and aluminium alloy this beautiful phone mount makes for perfect dashboard eye-candy in any car!
  • For phone insertion the mount relies on the gravity principle – that is, automatic locking once your phone is placed on its base.
  • At Baseus we are aware of the tendency for cheaper phone mounts to last only a short time before the mechanism fails. the prototype phase the Future mount was subjected to over 2000 elasticity tests in order to develop the most reliable and durable mechanism, designed for long term use.
  • We have also added widened alloy arms for further stability.
  • Elastic silicone pads present in all areas of contact protect your phone and your car from scratching or damage.
  • It is fixed to the dash using air-vent clamping – please be aware this is not typically suitable for round air-vents.
  • A reserved USB cable slot is in place to allow you to charge your device whilst it is sitting in the mount.

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