Baseus Indoorsy Youth Tablet Desk Stand (Telescopic Version)

  • Baseus Indoorsy Youth Tablet Desk Stand (Telescopic Version)
  • ABS+Alloy
  • White/Black
  • 850g
  • Stable and Anti-tip The thicker and larger base with stable center of gravity prevents the bracket from tipping. Anti-slip pads at the bottom enhance the stability.
  • Free to Adjust Height and Angle
    The stand can be freely raised and lowered, and the tilt angle is adjustable so that users can find a suitable position to play games and binge watch more comfortably.
  • Easy and Convenient
    The stand provides stable support for tablets by using the theory of gravitation.
  • No need to clamp, it’s easy to take and place the tablet with one hand.
  • For Different Types of Tablets
    Designed for tablets, the bottom rail matches different types of tablets.
  • Unique Fabric Material
    The surface in contact with the tablet is covered with unique textured fabric, which improves the appearance and increases the friction to prevent the tablet from falling.