BASEUS Cafule PD2.0 60W Flash Charging USB-C to USB-C Cable (1 m)

PD (Power Delivery) flash charging enhances power transmission with the connector cable and expands the cable bus during application. This offers a higher voltage and a current transmission power as high as 100W.  In addition the direction of power transmission can also be changed. The default for Type-C is 5V/3A. However since the inception of the PD protocol this has now been increased to 100W maximum power. The result, is faster superior charging.
  • Extended single piece SR joints help prevent cracking and breakage at the connectors. The cable can withstand a 30 degree bend without cracking
  • Cable wiring is extended by an additional 20mm at each end, and this is fully concealed with SR covering.
  • Durable high density woven material for superior protection and longevity
  • Resistant to folding, bending or tangling
  • Thickened tinned copper upgraded cores provide stable low loss transmission
  • Aluminium alloy + TPE connector ends
  • Velcro cable tie included to assist with tidy storage