BASEUS Universal Gel Pad Phone Holder for Wall Car Mobile Strong Absorption

Gel suction cup
Glue anywhere you like, nano technology allows you to attach anywhere and remove without leaving any trace.

Organize your life
Put the phone in a comfortable and visible place, organize your office, embrace tangled cables, decorate the car, reduce the amount of products on the regiments in the bathroom, conveniently segregate gadgets.

Comfortable one sticking
Usually abandoned phones in disarray, in the end they will find their place, even by gluing to a marble wall, glass, mirror, wooden table. Small items will stop banging on your desk and will be easily visible.

Very high viscosity
Are you afraid that something will fall? It is impossible with proper attachment. Even the cups can be maintained. No traces remain after detachment, and the suction cup will still be usable. Renewing so that it starts to stick again, we will do it in a simple way. Just wash under water, and the viscosity will come back as new

Resistance to temperature
It does not melt and does not distort under the influence of high temperature. When traveling in a hot vehicle, there will be no problem when the smartphone is in place to set the navigation.

Small and handy
The gel suction cup is so small that we hide it in a pocket and we can use it at any time.