BASEUS Super Thin Silica Gel Case for AirPods Pro

Restoration of the bare machine tactile feeling
The thickness of the silica gel sleeve is only 0.8mm. Ultrathin touch and negligible weight

Universal 360°
Omni-directional Protection
Give a more comprehensive sense of security

Fall-proof, earthquake-proof and violence-proof
Elastic silica gel material,it can rebound after contact with the ground instantaneously without damagingthe machine

High elasticity, more flexible
Elastic silica gel material, repeated kneading will not deform it Long-term use is not bad

Whole body is washable
Restore the original colors

New coating Dirty can be wiped off
When staining, remove it with a damp cloth

1:1 Die opening with accurate hole position
Continue to use the real machine 1:1 die opening and accurate hole position. It can be firmly bonded and does not easily fall off

You can see the charge without taking off the protector
The thin design of the indicator lamp can completely fix the indicator lamp, you can see the light of the indicator lamp clearly even without removing the protector