Baseus Safe Airbag Waterproof Case for Cell Phones

The perfect accessory for everyone from holiday makers and swimmers, right through to extreme sports junkies, our Safe Airbag Waterproof Case will be your number one companion to keep your device safe and secure from water damage.

In the modern age its rare for people to be without their phones. In fact, in many cases its hard for people to be without them! The only situation where we really need to leave them behind is when we go into water.

Our solution is this funky looking case available in multiple colours. It is IPX8 waterproof with 4 layers of waterproofing – allowing you to go up to a depth of 30M in water without fear of your device getting wet.

Your phone is also still usable whilst inside the case thanks to its touch sensitive surface – allowing you to use your device almost normally. In addition the built-in airbag feature allows for easy flotation of your device on the waters surface. A lanyard strap is included for added security.