BASEUS Literary Youth Desktop Telescopic Phone and Tablet Holder (Height Adjustable)

NEW Telescopic Version. Height adjustable.

Introducing our Literary Youth Desktop Bracket for Smartphone and Tablet – a gorgeous, simple, and practical solution to mounting your device for comfortable viewing.

Correct posture starts from youth – and the design of this holder has been specifically focused in ensuring you can be comfortable whilst viewing your tablet or mobile for either purposes of study, watching movies or video chatting.

No more hunching over, sore necks, painful backs,  strained eyes or physical discomfort. The Literary Youth Bracket has your back – literally. Use it to make your life easier and more comfortable

  • The holder itself is constructed from high quality aluminium alloy – its tough, durable and feels fantastic.
  • At the base of the holder is a convenient space to store smaller accessories, such as AirPods, ring holders and so on.
  • On the arm of the holder you will find a convenient cable tidy to securely mount any charging wires to prevent them impeding your enjoyment whilst using the holder.
  • The bracket section of the holder is adjustable within a range of 35 degrees to ensure you can set it up at the perfect viewing angle for your comfort.
  • Slip resistant silicone feet prevent movement
  • Perfectly weighted, balanced and designed for stability
  • Widely compatible with phones and tablets 3″ – 10.5″.