BASEUS L51 3-in-1 Lightning to 2x Lightning + 3.5mm Audio Adapter for iPhone

Looking to charge your iPhone AND listen to music at the same time?

Our super practical 3-in-1 L51 adapter has been designed as an all in one solution for people who have the newer model iPhones without the aux port.

However, this adapter features a significant upgrade in that it boasts 2 lightning ports – one for charging and one for lightning earphones. In addition you can also use the 3.5mm port for earphones if this is your preference.

Cheaper versions of this adapter do exist on the market, but many of these feature a single decoding chip which can significantly reduce audio quality. Our L51 features a dual decoding chip for ultra stable Hi-Fi sound with no current noise.

Please note that if 3.5mm and lightning earphones are connected at the same time – then lightning will be preferred. In addition, only the lightning socket supports phone calls, whereas the 3.5mm jack socket does not.